, the e-retailer of high-end outdoor equipment and apparel ,
announced the appointment of Sharon Page as the new Affiliate Manager,
as well as a major upgrade to its affiliate programs. New upgrades to
the program include a completely new commission
structure. Effective October 1, 2007, Altrec will be raising the base
level commission percentage for all affiliates by 2 percent.

“First I would like to say how excited I am to be taking what has been
a very stable and solid affiliate program and group of partners and
take both it and our partners in new and exciting directions,” Page
said. “Everything we do at Altrec will be highly affiliate-centric and
focused on delivering market leading tools to maximize the SEO,
conversion, and ultimately, sales for our partners. With that in mind,
I am thrilled to announce several major upgrades to our program.”

In addition to raising the base
level commission percentage for all affiliates by 2 percent, Altrec
wants its partners to receive the same benefits it does with the change
in seasons. Altrec, therefore, is also announcing a new seasonal
commission bump, giving an additional 1 percent commission from October
1 until the end of February on top of the permanent 2 percent

Data feed improvements are also a part of the upgrade. Starting
September 13, Altrec is also releasing a major upgrade to its data
feeds with new content and functionality focused on improving affiliate
( SEO ranking and conversion percentage. These
improvements include:
▪ Dynamic and static cross links of similar products
▪ Allows dynamic page linking either internally or directly to
▪ Dynamic color swatches are now included
▪ Updates with our inventory and allows internal or external links to
▪ Rotating User Reviews will
allow pages to be fresh every day to maximize search engine indexing
▪ Fit Tip guides will aid in reducing return rates and maximizing conversion rates
▪ Altrec customer service guarantees will aid in conversion rates

Communication improvements are also being made to the program.

“Starting the week of September 10, we are also adding an Altrec forum
on ABW in the CJ and Avantlink areas so you can get regular updates on
banners, text links, promotions and incentives as well as regular
feedback,” Page said. “We are also expanding our affiliate team to
provide even better and more responsive service to our valued partners.”

The upgrade also includes creative improvements.

“Our new affiliate team is skilled at creating more banners, links and
promotions as well as building content for your websites to help
increase your sales and conversion rates,” Page said. “If you have any
questions, please let us know and we will get right on it. I look
forward to working with all of you in making our partnership, and the
Altrec Affiliate Program truly the best in the industry.”

Additional changes to the program:

▪ New Datafeed that will help increase conversion and sales through content and SEO
▪ Against Parasite ware
▪ A new forum on ABW
▪ More regular promotions
▪ 120-day cookie
▪ Different banners sizes and links
▪ Dynamic Deal of the Day
▪ RSS links