A new survey just released by U.S. men's shoemaker Allen Edmonds confirms that 65 percent of professional women admit to insisting their man change shoes before he goes out. Fifty-nine percent of those women have purchased shoes for him and 12 percent admit they have actually thrown out some of his shoes.

Allen Edmonds interviewed more than 1,000 professional men and women this spring in an online survey. It must have been a popular topic, because the study sample was reached in half the time allocated to it. In just three days, 585 professional women and 507 professional men with significant personal incomes ($50,000 – $200,000+) participated in the survey. The results were as revealing as they were intriguing to the analysts.

So here is what's happening to our young males:

Women Take Control of Their Man's Shoe Wardrobe!

Young professional men significantly underestimate the power of shoes in a successful romance according to most women. Women are more than twice as likely to say shoes reflect their date's (or husband's) fashion sense (64 percent for women v. 34 percent for men), personality (52 percent for women v. 24 percent of men), financial position (36 percent for women v. 18 percent for men) and attention to detail (54 percent for women; 12 percent for men).

Ultimately, professional men really do care what women (or their significant other) think about how they dress. Sixty-eight percent of executive men (and 60 percent of young men) turn to their significant other for fashion advice. Almost one half (46 percent) of young men say they're concerned about how their shoes will be perceived by potential dates.

Young Men Believe Shoes are More Important than Suits to Making a Good Impression

Young professional men believe shoes are 30 points (76 percent to 46 percent) more important to making a good impression than wearing a suit. In fact, they say shirts (86 percent), pants (80 percent) and shoes (76 percent) are the foundations of making a good social impression.
In perhaps a sign of the times, young professional men say even accessories (51 percent) are more important than suits (46 percent) and ties (37 percent).

Men Prefer to Buy American Made Shoes

Eighty percent of executive men and 69 percent of young professional men prefer to have their shoes made in America.