AllCore360, the maker of abdominal exercise equipment, welcomed John Brenkus,  the six-time Emmy-Award winning creator, host, and producer of ESPN’s Sport Science, to serve on the company’s Advisory Board.

As an advisor and AllCore360 rider, Brenkus’s insights will help AllCore360 continue to refine and advance its equipment, software platform and training protocols.

Brenkus has recently joined Athletic Republic as their Sport Science Officer and has also launched “Soul and Science,” a new property that explores the tangible and intangible aspects of high performance in every field. Brenkus has struck deals with the NFL Network, Intel Studios and several other outlets to provide original content. Additionally, Brenkus currently hosts the popular podcast, “The Brink of Midnight” and has also written a New York Times bestseller called “The Perfection Point” that explores the absolute limits of human performance.

“John fits perfectly with our mission, as he embodies sports performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation through science,” said AllCore360 inventor Scott Bertrand. “His ability to translate complex data and identify strengths and areas to improve is unparalleled. More informed athletes lead to better performance, decreased chance of injury and quicker recovery. Being at the forefront of sports science, we’ll look to John to help us establish new affiliations and partnerships with industry innovators.”

“From a scientific standpoint, the brilliance of the AllCore360° is in its simplicity. Doing a 360 degree plank with no impact works to build a strong balanced core that is key to athletic performance and injury prevention,” said Brenkus.  “Whether you’re an athlete trying to maximize performance or a patient recovering from an injury or dealing with back pain, building a strong balanced core with no impact is vital, and the AllCore360° does just that.”