Alete Active Nutrition announced the acquisition of Bonk Breaker Nutrition, a nutrition brand popular among cyclists, runners, triathletes, and professional sports teams.

Alete Nutrition recently changed its name from RoadRunner Holdings. Its portfolio of brands includes SaltStick, JoJé Bar, Vitassium, and now Bonk Breaker.

“It is not unique for most entrepreneurs, but the business of Bonk Breaker has faced so many hurdles over the years,” said Bonk Breaker FounderJason Winn. “But my passion for the brand and supporting athletes could not be higher than it is right now. I had been approached before by PE firms, but when CEO Mac Tillman at Alete Nutrition approached me, it was totally different. I immediately saw that Mac came from a place of respect, supported my passion and wanted to work with my vision and see the brand grow. I’m truly excited for the future of Bonk Breaker with Alete’s backing.

“We have been so fortunate to find such passionate people to work within the Alete portfolio of brands, and Jason Winn is certainly no exception,” said Tillman. “We absolutely love the Bonk Breaker product line, it fits well within our Alete portfolio, and perhaps even more importantly we love Jason’s story and want to support the goals he’s set for himself, his family, and the brand.”