AKU Outdoor announced that Parallel 45 Sales Group has been retained as its sales team partner. Supporting the Midwest and Great Lakes territories, Parallel 45 President Doug Scott will lead the agency’s efforts for the brand.

Scott has spent nearly two decades in the outdoor industry, initially as a guide, managing retail, followed by sales for Patagonia. He has spent the last ten years working with specialty and major manufacturers.

“We did indeed find many ‘parallels’ with Parallel 45 and the AKU brand and are happy to bring them on as partners. Doug is really focused on building meaningful relationships and connecting people as communities and that’s how we aim to relate to not only our customers but also our retail partners—in deeper ways around sharing our passions and purpose,” said Canice Harte, vice president, sales and marketing, AKU Outdoor. “We see his territories in the Midwest as key elements in our auspicious growth plans for AKU in the U.S.”