Aerosoles signed a new licensing agreement with Maze Collections, Inc. to distribute career pants, expanding beyond women’s footwear.

Aerosoles, acquired by American Exchange Group in 2022, also expanded into sleepwear earlier this year.

The first collections of Aerosoles career apparel line will launch in Spring 2024 and sold at department stores to and off-pricers.

“We are pleased to share the news of our partnership with Maze Collections. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Aerosoles, enabling the continued expansion of our brand into a diverse range of product categories,” stated Alen Mamrout, CEO of American Exchange Group.

“Maze Collections’ expertise and capabilities make them the perfect partner, and we are confident that our joint efforts will result in continuing to deliver top-quality, comfortable products to our valued and wide range of customers,” said Steve Velasquez, CSO of American Exchange Group.

“Aerosoles has established a strong brand equity in stylish, functional and affordable shoes for all facets of a woman’s life,” said Eddie Zayat, CEO of Maze Collections. “We’re excited to bring this brand into career bottoms, giving our consumers comfortable and stylish clothes in the workplace.”

“I have been passionate about expanding our Aerosoles brand into sportswear since the successful launch of our sleepwear collection in February 2023. Our foray into apparel is a natural evolution for us, and the introduction of our career pants is a significant step in that direction. This line embodies everything our customers love about Aerosoles: stretch, comfort, ease and accessibility, making it an ideal choice for the modern, multifaceted woman. What excites me the most is how seamlessly these career pants will coordinate with our footwear. Partnering with Maze Collections, a company that shares our vision for quality and style, is the perfect synergy. Together, we are poised to redefine workplace comfort and fashion, offering our customers an unparalleled experience,” said Cynthia Nixon, EVP of Licensing and Brand Development at American Exchange Group.

Photo courtesy Aerosoles