The International Sports Technology Association announced Rebecca Hopkins as the newest member of its Executive Advisory Board. During the two-year appointment, Hopkins will provide board-level insights into the global sports technology marketplace and her company’s sports technology programs, whilst representing UK interests in the sector.

Furthermore, as part of the relationship, ISTA will provide global corporate profiles and additional support for the growth of sports technology programs or events put forward by the Sports Technology Awards Group.

The United Kingdom is just one location where the sports technology industry has shown rapid growth in recent years, demonstrated by the success of the Yahoo Sports Technology Awards, the leading global celebration of tech-led innovation in sports, since 2013. With this latest appointment, the UK is guaranteed representation within the global association focused on growing careers and business in sports technology.

Following the appointment, Hopkins will travel to the ISTA headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, to attend Transmit/Receive (TX/RX), the inaugural conference for sports technology innovations. The Atlanta-based event will host regional sports industry, economic development executives, and professional athletes who share technology insights and opportunities for innovation across the sports industry. Hopkins will discuss her understanding of the marketplace with notables such as Martin Schlegel, Board Member at the Australian Sports Technologies Network, Phil Cheetham, Directory of Technology & Innovation at the United States Olympic Committee, John Parsons, Director the NCAA’s Sports Science Institute, Tanya Porter, executive director at the Professional Sports Technology Institute, and many others.

David Geddes, CEO/ Founder at ISTA, said “We are thrilled to welcome Rebecca to our Executive Advisory Board. She will bring a wealth of knowledge about the burgeoning sports technology field thanks to her experience and success with the Yahoo Sports Technology Awards, and we look forward to co-hosting with her at Transmit/Receive(TX/RX), it is a fascinating time for technology in sport.”

Rebecca Hopkins, Sports Technology Awards Group, said “I am delighted to aid ISTA in finding new, innovative growth programs to support. The UK, as well as the rest of the world, has countless numbers of pioneering sports tech companies that can make tangible differences to the work done by the sports industry. It will be a pleasure to make new connections with industry leaders at the inaugural March conference”.

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