The Adidas Terrex trail running team named ultrarunner Tom Evans to its roster.

Entering the ultra-running scene in 2017, British Army officer signed up to the Marathon des Sables as a bet with friends. Unknown to the ultra-endurance community at the time, Evans came in third place. Just 18-months later he went one better at the respected Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, storming past China’s Min Qi with less than 10km of the 101km CCC to go, to take the podium top spot and cement his place as one of the UK and the world’s top ultra-runners.

“I am very ambitious and have some big plans for the future but to achieve those i need partners that i trust deeply,” said Evans. “I need them to deliver for me when it counts. that’s why Adidas Terrex is the perfect partner for me, working towards my goals in complete harmony.”

Up next for Evans is the Hong Kong 100, a 103km ultra-endurance race in Hong Kong . A unique and challenging run the course involves a cumulative elevation gain of over 5300 meters and the cut-off time is 30 hours.