Adidas and the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.), organizer of the
Boston Marathon, officially opened the Boston Marathon RunBase in
partnership with Marathon Sports, Inc. The Adidas exclusive community
experience opened just steps from the finish line.

initiative is the first of its kind in the U.S. and will be the center
of running in Boston, located at the 26-mile mark of the legendary
course on Boylston Street.

Set in a unique state-of-the-art hub for runners, Boston Marathon
RunBase celebrates the world’s oldest annual marathon 52 weeks a year
with inspirational displays curated by the B.A.A. and drawn from the
organization’s archives. Boston Marathon RunBase will be complete with a
changing room with lockers, as runners will use the facility as a base
for informal runs.  Showers also will be available.

Offerings could include community runs, expert speakers, visits from
elite athletes, training plan assistance and nutrition education. The
2,000 square foot space will exclusively sell premium Adidas footwear
(including favorites from the Boost family including Ultra Boost, Energy
Boost, adizero Adios, Supernova Glide and Sequence), seasonal and
official marathon apparel and accessories. A calendar of events,
workshops, seminars and clinics separates a runner’s experience at
Boston Marathon RunBase from any other in the sport.
The space
will be filled with exhibits and historic photos from the past 119 years
of the Boston Marathon, including race bibs, medals, trophies and
jackets. The stories of the marathon’s history will be displayed in
living color and will rotate seasonally. There will always be something
new to do and see at the location. A large cast of a unicorn, an iconic
symbol of the marathon, and a 10-foot 3D topographic animated race map
made of reclaimed wood will greet customers. Four interactive screens
across the space, known as RunBase Central, will feature key moments in
race history along with an archive featuring every participant since the
marathon’s inception. Interactive 3D gear cases with transparent touch
screens will feature the latest Adidas footwear.

Customers and visitors can run any part of the 26.2 miles of the race
route with visuals and terrain that simulates every step of the course
on the official treadmill. For the first time, all race results of every
single person who has run the Boston Marathon will be digitalized and
combined into a single database for search and interaction with RunBase
Boston is the first of several RunBase locations in the
U.S. in the works. As part of Adidas’ 2020 strategic business plan,
RunBase will play an important role in increasing Adidas presence in key
U.S. cities. There are currently six RunBase locations in Tokyo,
Moscow, London, São Paulo, Prague and the Nordics with several other
locations planned around the world in the next year.
Marathon® RunBase is located at 855 Boylston Street and open daily
from 10 a.m. (9 a.m. during race weekend) to 8 p.m. Visit for more information.