adidas and Samsung have teamed up to introduce miCoach, a mobile phone that works with adidas shoes and apparel to plan, track and motivate users in training. It combines a mobile phone, heart rate monitor, stride sensor, MP3 player and the voice of a “personal coach” to direct and motivate users during workouts.

MiCoach also allows runners to set goals, which the device then instructs athletes on how to reach – such as monitoring their heart rates and telling them when to slow down or speed up to get to a distance, training or calorie burn goal.

adidas will offer clothing that allows the heart rate monitor to attach to the runner, and there will be equipment to hold the device to the runner. The sensor can be attached to any shoe.


It hits retail stores in Europe this month and will roll out in the United States in 2009. It will cost 200 euros to 400 euros ($304 to $608) depending on the service plan users select. The U.S. pricing has not been set.