Abom Inc., which already possesses three U.S. patents for its fog-free sports goggles, has filed its 29th patent application entitled: Goggle with Easily Interchangeable Lens that is Adaptable for Heating to Prevent Fogging.

The new patent follows in the Portland, OR company’s strategy of aggressively protecting its intellectual property.

“We’ve adopted a picket-fence patent strategy to aggressively protect not only our product inventions, but also every aspect of our intellectual property,” states Jack Cornelius, Abom, Inc. CEO. “We’re building a wall around the market to prevent competitive entrants and support an aggressive licensing program for our KLAIR™ brand.”

Invisible and completely silent, KLAIR works like the rear window in a car. A thin-film transparent heating system is placed in between a two-part lens and is powered by two small, lightweight lithium-ion batteries. The heater works to keep the temperature just above dew point, which keeps fog away.