A4 will start shipping from two new distribution centers in January. The company, which is working in a joint venture with Frazier Sports, has opened centers in Waco, TX and Atlanta, GA.

Representatives said A4 is answering the retailers’ need for shorter delivery times and reduced freight charges, and added that A4 has recognized the need to have orders for key seasonal merchandise in customers’ hands in less than 48 hours without incurring heavy freight charges.

“We want all of our customers to take advantage of the same short and affordable delivery cycles that our west customers enjoy,” says Mark Mertens, CEO of A4.  “Our objective is to push the limit on service and profitability.”

“We want our customers to be more profitable,” Mertens continued, “The key to profitability has always been inventory turn and cost reduction. We tackle two key components of the profitability equation when we shorten delivery times and cut shipping cost.”