A4, a leading manufacturer for high quality and high performance basic  athletic sportswear, will introduce their new  www.a4.com web site targeted at the specialty sporting goods retailer.  A4 is answering the retailers need to get real time information on inventory availability, check orders  and  place new orders on line 24/7.

The new web site contains a complete catalog, on line access to A4’s order entry and in house communications system. Customers are demanding on line access 24 hours a day. It is a critical component of their profit model.  The ability to order what you need when you need it accelerates profits and limits risk.

“We want our customers to be more profitable” says Mark Mertens A4’s  CEO.  “The profitability, challenge has always had its roots in inventory turn.   A4 is a vertical manufacturer that offers direct from the factory pricing  while delivering the service levels of higher price distributors. “Price, service and quality merge  at the same point to redefine how the specialty retailer can plan the purchase of this key category.  Internet access now makes the retailer’s job easier”.