A4, a manufacturer for athletic sportswear, has launched its “Hall Of Fame” collection and has radically reduced the price of 15 best-selling styles.

“Our customers embraced the first round of price reductions that we launched last spring,” said Mark Mertens, CEO, in a statement. “It’s no secret that times are tough. We are committed to do our part to make sure our dealers have the products they need at prices that allow them to earn a fair profit.”

A4 said the styles that make up the Hall Of Fame Collection represents the best sellers in team sports and cover every sport. A4 is value pricing them for the entire year.

“You start with the core and build out,” said Mertens. “It’s a great foundation for our growth and our customers' continued success.”

The new collection will be available during the next 90 days. Many styles are currently in stock. Prices will range from $2.88 for loose fit moisture wicking tees to $6.88 for a moisture control polo