A4 is reporting that it will upgrade all garments in their collection to include moisture management and stain release technologies.  A4 said they were answering the retailers call for better prices and comfort in on-field gear.

The upgrade  will take place during the first quarter of 2009.

The Los Angeles-based company said it has moved to a leadership position in providing technology at affordable prices.  In a bold move A4 will add the most wanted fabric enhancements to most styles in their line while maintaining price.

A4 takes quality seriously says Mark Mertens, CEO. ” We comb the industry to identify and deliver the best fabric technologies.  Our objective is to push the limit on design and performance  and continually  raise the bar in every area of sporting goods apparel “.

Mertens says  “We have been working hard to bring these new garments to market  without increasing our prices. The addition of moisture management  and stain release capability has always signaled a significant increase in selling price.

A4 is known for their ability to add value to all of the products they produce.  The new range will retail at $10 to $25.   Tough business conditions  emphasize the need for new innovative products at prices that excite the consumer.

“We want our customers to be more profitable” says Mertens.  Getting the consumer to purchase in the times ahead is going to be a challenge.   Offerings are going to have to be compelling. It will take more than just a new product or a great price.  The retailer is going to have use every tool in their bag to close the sale.  A4 stands ready with the latest products with “reach for your wallet” prices.

A4 is a vertical manufacturer that offers direct from the factory pricing while the  delivering the service levels of higher price distributors. Price, service and quality merge at the same point to redefine how the sporting goods retailer can purchase this key category.