The Agenda Show, held June 29-30, 2016 in Long Beach, CA, is a breeding ground for boutique sneaker, skate and surf shop retailers with a killer eye for the street styles that will define 2017.

Among the retailers in attendance were Sole Classics — a Columbus, OH urban retailers notorious on social media for its highly curated assortment. Sole Classics was recently chosen by Vans for a collaboration that brought the first-ever running shoe to the traditionally skate-centric brand (Sole Classics x Vans Vault OG Runner LX).

SGB was on hand to give you a photo peek behind the booths, and into the meetings that will set up next season’s realty of shelf space.








Since 2003, Agenda has offered a show platform for the lifestyle fashion world. Although it started out as a satellite show with a small grouping of 30 brands, the gathering has since transcended to include six shows in three cities, curated with more than 1,000 brands.

Photos courtesy Sporting Goods Business (SGB)