7EYE, a performance eyewear brand in motorcycle, optical, outdoor and snowsports categories, has partnered with the Winter Wildlands Alliance, a non-profit organization located in Boise, Idaho. The partnership will serve to promote the preservation of winter wildlands and a quality human-powered snowsports experience on public lands.

“Our partnership with 7EYE will help increase awareness for the need to protect the winter wildlands [that are] so important to the enjoyment of winter sports,” said Mark Menlove, executive director for WWA. “7EYE’s participation points to the importance of eye protection when hitting the slopes and trails. This is a win win.”

Likewise, Jackson Hogen, vice president of marketing and R&D for 7EYE, said, “We strongly support WWA’s mission and ongoing work. We are happy to play a role in helping to preserve the places where we play while also educating outdoor enthusiasts about the importance of wearing the appropriate eyewear.