3M launched its 3M Thinsulate Featherless Insulation at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market amid growing concern over the rising cost of down.

This loose fill alternative is a first for the brand that has been trusted to keep people warm for more than 30 years. 3M  Thinsulate  Featherless Insulation was designed to closely mimic the look and performance of natural down with two times the loft when wet and without the allergens. The fill is as lightweight as natural down, highly breathable and provides extreme warmth for extreme conditions. In addition, 3M claims the product is warm even when wet, equal to 600 fill power and loftier than down at the same basis weight

“3M Thinsulate  Featherless Insulation brings real value by providing an effective and cost-effective alternative to natural down,” said Erik Iverson for 3M  Thinsulate  Insulation. “This innovation is just the beginning as the 3M Thinsulate  Insulation brand continues to innovate bringing newer and better products to the marketplace.”

3M  Thinsulate  Featherless Insulation is available for purchase now.