Kizik opened its second U.S. store at Mall of America on May 17 and will open at the King of Prussia Simon Center on June 14 as part of the brand’s brick-and-mortar retail expansion strategy.

The King of Prussia store opening marks the first permanent East Coast footprint rather than online only for the brand.

Kizik said it is “poised for continued fast-paced growth into new distribution channels, including additional company-owned retail stores, U.S. wholesale and international markets.”

“Mall of America and King of Prussia are iconic shopping destinations,” said Kizik CEO Monte Deere. “When we observed the incredible consumer reception of our first store in Fashion Place Mall last year, we knew it was important to us to open more physical retail locations as part of our long-term growth strategy. We are excited to provide additional points of entry in Mall of America and King of Prussia for new adopters to experience the magic of Kizik. The feeling people have when they first try on our shoes is not something that can be replicated online.”

In a long-term collaboration between Kizik and architecture and design firm MG2, the new Mall of America and King of Prussia stores offer a “high sensory fit experience, alongside a physical manifestation of the brand,” designed with an in-store try-on area.

The 1,645-square-foot space in Mall of America is said to offer an “elevated shopping experience,” while the 1,812-square-foot King of Prussia store will leverage the all-glass entry as a “visually compelling draw into the try-on space.”

The stores will carry Kizik’s full line of men’s, women’s and kids’ shoes in all sizes, with new styles launching throughout 2024. Kizik branded apparel, shoe care kits and no-slip socks will also be available in-store. 

Image courtesy Kizik