Nike has added new terms and conditions to prevent resellers from purchasing footwear and reselling it on the secondary market to monitor sneaker-buying bots.

As the Wall Street Journal first reported, Nike said it now reserves the right to “cancel orders, charge restocking fees, impose purchase quantity limits, decline to issue refunds or take returns, deny access to any Nike Store, and/or suspend or close any account.”

Previous sanctions that remain in place include the company’s ability to restrict sales, cancel orders and suspend or close accounts of suspected resellers, according to Complex

Previous iterations of Nike’s terms also include a cancellation clause for unusual or potentially fraudulent orders, but the update specifically states that Nike could cancel those orders placed with bots. It also added that it could cancel orders if an account had an excessive amount of returns or exceeded product purchase limits.

To read the revised U.S. e-commerce sale terms, go here.

Photo courtesy Nike