24 Hour Fitness opened its Irvine club in the Irvine Marketplace on August 5, and the Roseville club will officially open its doors on August 12. Adding these two clubs in California will bring the number of 24 Hour Fitness gym locations to 280 nationwide, operating in 11 states.

24 Hour Fitness has a 40-year history in the fitness industry, with clubs across the U.S. focused on mental and physical conditioning. By combining more traditional offerings in strength, cardio, basketball, and aquatics with restorative workouts, including yoga, sauna, cold plunge, and mobility training, 24 Hour Fitness intends to offer members a well-rounded fitness program.

“We’ve worked diligently over the last 40 years to grow and serve our members,” said 24 Hour Fitness CEO Karl Sanft. “As we move together into the future with a new definition of fitness, one that includes mental as well as physical elements, we want our clubs to reflect that growth. These two clubs represent the kinds of services we want all our members to enjoy as they set their fitness goals and build their best lives.”