Whatever It Takes (WIT) Fitness and CrossFit, Inc. announced they have partnered to have WIT take over the CrossFit online store. The announcement comes several weeks after store.crossfit.com and stuff.crossfit.com were taken down and directed to reebok.com.

WIT will be merging the Crossfit store (store.crossfit.com) and the Crossfit Stuff store (stuff.crossfit.com) on to the Crossfit store website, so Crossfit customers will now have a one-stop shop to purchase all Crossfit merchandise, Reebok apparel and a new, wider collection of all of Crossfit brands all in one place. Reebok will continue to be the key brand partner of the Crossfit store into 2020.

For the first time ever, the Crossfit Store will now have US and EU websites, so Crossfit merchandise will be much more accessible to the global consumer. Initially all orders will be fulfilled from WIT’s EU distribution center, however over the coming months U.S. distribution will move to the U.S.. In the meantime, WIT will offer the U.S. consumer discounted postage from its EU distribution center and orders will still only be two-to-four day delivery.

The coming weeks will see a soft launch of the new site while systems are transitioned and Crossfit inventory topped up. This will be followed by a wider inventory launch in the weeks following the Crossfit Games. WIT will also be at the Crossfit Games, bringing their London experience to Madison and featuring a very unique collection of brands in the space, as well as hosting the Crossfit Stuff booth.

WIT will be working closely with affiliate owners and Seminar staff and will be reaching out directly in the coming months. All customer service enquiries in the meant time should be directed to: Crossfit@wit-fitness.com

Daniel Williams, CEO at WIT, said, “Crossfit is a sport that completely changed my life and set off a chain of events that lead us to where we are at WIT. Having the opportunity to work with Crossfit on their e-commerce operation is a dream come true and the Crossfit consumer can be assured that we will always have their best interests at the heart of everything we do.

“Reebok is a brand we have always worked very closely with at WIT and one that produces some of the best products available to the Crossfit consumer. Like us at WIT, the team at Reebok are steeped in the Crossfit community and history, they understand what the consumer wants and they produce exceptional products. We also have some really exciting things in the pipeline with them over the remainder of 2019 and beyond.

“The long term evolution of the Crossfit store will involve the platform featuring a wider, multi-brand collection and will be available to the global consumer across multiple localized regional platforms. At WIT our aim is to be the leading platform globally for the training consumer to access an ever-increasing array of products and the truly varied collection they deserve, something which Crossfit is very much aligned with.

“Over the term of this contract we will be featuring all relevant brands in the Crossfit sector. With the household brand names increasingly producing new and innovative products for Crossfit and with so many younger brands emerging out of the community as authentic players in the space, this is a hugely exciting time for the sport and for the consumer. We will also be working on exclusive collaborations with those brands, emerging brands and with Crossfit”

WIT, launched in 2015 in London, operates an online retail platform in both the UK and U.S. markets. The site sells branded training footwear and apparel, including Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Under Armour and the rapidly emerging Nobull. The business has also completed a number of collaborations with the major brands, echoing streetwear and sneaker businesses. Most recently, the company designed its own global exclusive footwear with Reebok, with four more collaborations coming in 2019. In March 2019, WIT raised £2 million in funding from growth capital investor VGC Partners.