One Percent for the Planet (1% FTP),  a global network of businesses committed to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment, annouced the launch of an online retail store designed to support its members by offering their products online.

The store sells apparel, gear and childrenÂ’s clothes. The majority of the items are made of sustainable or organic material and are branded with the 1% FTP logo. A few of the products available include a Sigg water bottle, a Patagonia fleece jacket and an AppleSac laptop case.

“Creating the online store will increase brand recognition for the 1% FTP member network and the end result benefits environmental organizations worldwide,” says Strick Walker, 1% FTP chief marketing and development officer.

The purchasing process will be green from start to finish, aided in part by two current 1% FTP members. Travel outfitter New Headings, LLC, operates the web store and the carbon emissions of all shipments are offset by NativeEnergy, champion of renewable energy sources.

Also new to the website is a Member Co-op that allows members to do business with each other. The Co-op has discounts on services and products from 20 member companies, furthering the commitment to support 1% members.