Gore Bike Wear and Gore Running Wear announced the launch of an Online Brand Platform in which bike and running enthusiasts can find detailed information about the full range of products, as well as textile technologies for both brands. The aim of the website is to give cyclists and runners guidance in finding the optimal combination of individual products, namely through the Gore Bike Wear and Gore Running Wear Outfit System, in order to maximize the individual’s running and biking experience. In addition to the store locator, the new platform offers consumers the possibility to buy directly from Gore for the first time ever. The new platform, www.goreapparel.com, provides consumers with the most important brand and product information, along with the complete product assortment and the technical know-how from local retailers on both brands.

“Our aim is to offer the consumer the best possible service without compromising the specialty retailer’s role,” says Jay Herring, global sales leader of GORE BIKE WEAR® and GORE RUNNING WEAR™. “We at Gore appreciate the long-term, close relationship we have with our retailers, and they will continue to remain a very important contact for our consumers.” Herring continues, “The Online Brand Platform capability will provide an exceptional brand experience, communicate our brand values, and bring the whole collection closer to the consumer.”

The generated content for the platform will also be available for the retailers for use on their own websites. The new Online Brand Platform enables both brands to have an even stronger, targeted interaction with consumers and valuable information and insights into the needs of customers. As a result, Gore can improve its products and continue to further evolve. The U.S. site is now live and will be followed by select countries in Western Europe in fall 2012.