WHAM-O Inc., whose portfolio includes Frisbee, the Original Slip 'N Slide, Hula Hoop and Hacky Sack, hired Chris Guirlinger as director of licensing. Guirlinger is charged with expanding the outbound licensing program in support of WHAM-O's portfolio of brand names, in addition to inbound licensing of third-party brands and content as the company approaches its 60th anniversary in 2008.

A 12-year licensing veteran, Guirlinger most recently served as a consultant to Dimensional Branding Group, LLC, (DBG) where he increased licensing sales and marketing efforts for several well-known and emerging properties, including Big Wheel, Crazy Pets, and Whac-A-Mole. Previously, Guirlinger was director of licensing and marketing at Signatures Network, Inc., where he helped lead brand extension and marketing programs for The Beatles, The English Roses (Madonna), The Osbournes® and other high-profile properties. Guirlinger also managed product development and licensing relationships with major entertainment brands Dilbert, Disney, The Far Side, Looney Tunes and Star Wars while serving as product manager at Day Runner, Inc.

“WHAM-O owns some of the world's most powerful and recognizable brands, and Chris' experience in developing and implementing high-profile brand licensing programs in support of overall product marketing is a great asset to our global strategic direction,” said Mojde Esfandiari, WHAM-O's president and CEO. “As we approach WHAM-O's 60th Anniversary in 2008, we look forward to leveraging Chris' expertise to expand WHAM-O's licensing program around the world, focusing on key markets where our core product is already known as well as forging brand awareness in new markets.”

“I am excited to be working on such iconic, beloved brands as Frisbee®, Hula Hoop®, and Slip 'N Slide®, as well as leading surf brands BZ® and Morey® Bodyboards,” said Guirlinger. “I look forward to extending the reach of these powerful brands both domestically and internationally, and to being a key partner of select third-party licensing programs. Given WHAM-O's unmatched genius for wacky, fun products, I plan to have a blast in the process!”