Rockets Of Awesome clothing delivery service for kids with no fees!  “Simplifying The Lifes Of Parents and Celebrating Real Life With Kids.”  Click here to play

Shopping for kids (with or without them in tow) is not easy – picky, picky, picky. You buy a ton of clothes, pleading for them to try them on, return most of it and then you are back to square one.

Rockets of Awesome solves that problem: kids fill out a style profile with what they like, don’t like, and color and size preferences (sizes 2 to 14, average price per item $22) –  they give you several style photos to choose from. Your kid submits the info (under 5 minutes!). Then a box of coordinated items (about 12 pieces of clothing) is delivered to your door and you only pay for what you keepNo styling fee, No shipping fee, No return fee. It’s a win/win!

There is no minimum order or styling charges. If you hate everything, send it back, no charge, no problem. For busy families, kids who hate or love to shop, this is the real deal. And you get to spend time with your kid pre- and post-delivery.

Photos courtesy Rockets of Awesome