Teva will look to increase their presence at select retailers with the launch of digital display signage in specialty outdoor retailers this coming spring 2008 season. The touch screen display units have the unique ability to receive content updates instantly via internet connection, allowing Teva to keep content fresh and current.  The system will also allow Teva to react to patterns of consumer use by providing regular reports on how the consumer is interacting with the touch screens.  By analyzing these reports they will be able to tailor the content to better serve the consumer.

“The RoninCast digital signage technology offers a great experience for our consumer, bringing exceptional quality images that inform, educate, and inspire,” said Erin Manning, manager of Teva Retail Presence.    “As a leading outdoor brand with over 20 years experience in producing performance footwear, Teva has a wealth of technology and heritage to communicate to our consumer.  RoninCast digital signage is an efficient solution that allows us to feed this information to our consumers at the point of purchase. Best of all, we can make changes and update our content system-wide at any time at minimal cost.”

A soft launch of this revolutionary point-of-purchase unit will hit a select group of 5 – 10 Teva retailers in November.  The program will officially go live across the nation in spring 2008 to 100 selected Teva retailers featuring Teva products and collections, Teva Events, Teva athletes, and videos.

“We are very excited about being the digital signage partner for Teva,” said Jeffrey Mack, President and CEO of Wireless Ronin.  “RoninCast is an exciting technology solution for the retail industry, bringing the Teva brand to life.  This is yet another example of the traction RoninCast is gaining in the marketplace, across a broad spectrum of applications, and the tremendous value we provide our clients.”