While GoPro has arguably done the best job corralling the action camera market, it’s far from being the only option.

Writer: Carly Terwilliger

The urge to capture the sickest shredding from a first-person point of view has been around for a while. And while GoPro has arguably done the best job corralling the action camera market, it’s far from being the only option.

Check out some of the other durable and feature-rich models below.

The Yi 4K+ Action Cam offers resolution at 60 frames per second (fps), which doubles that of GoPro’s flagship camera, the Hero5 Black. Yi’s version gets points for its mobile app for Android and iOS that allows the user to live-stream content and remotely control the device. The camera can also be controlled via voice command, a feature that is becoming increasingly standardized.

From Olympus comes the Stylus TG-Tracker Action Camera, which stands out for its ability to take punishment. Its armored carapace encloses a camera that records 4K video at 30 fps. The TG-Tracker is designed to be held in one hand, with filming and navigation controls operated on its top, and its 1.5-inch LCD monitor has an impressive range of motion. The camera’s GPS, compass, accelerometer, barometer, manometer, water sensor and even an underwater thermometer can plunge to water depths of 30 meters and handle 220 pounds of force. To round out its uber-rugged personality, it can also be butterfingered from a height of 2.1 meters without being seriously damaged.

Action camera beginners may consider the Sony FDR-X3000 4K Action Cam, which prides itself of ease of use, although at the cost of GoPro Hero5 Black’s manual features. The camera’s Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization system uses actual optical image stabilization that minimizes nausea-inducing bounce and jiggle. The usual built-in Wi-Fi and GPS make it compatible with phones and allow location tracking

Finally, the Veho Muvi K-Series K2 Pro 4K Action Camera is slightly unwieldy but loaded with features and has a tantalizingly low price point. A beefy case, a detachable display, a variety of mounts and a hard case to put everything in are all part of the package.

Photos courtesy Yi, Olympus, Sony and Muvi