Singtex Industrial Co., LTD, Taiwan has signed a contract to perform bluesign screening within its new dyeing and finishing facility with bluesign technologies ag. Singtex will rely on the bluesign standard in managing all environment, health and safety (EHS) issues in its newly built manufacturing site.

The bluesign screening includes a detailed on-site evaluation of the environment, resource, and workplace situation of textile manufacturing sites according to the five principles of the bluesign standard including resource productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational health and safety. It indicates resource and cost saving potentials compared to “Best Available Technology”.

“One of the biggest advantages of the bluesign® standard is the fact that it’s the only system worldwide which takes all relevant aspects during manufacturing – from customer safety issues, to environmental aspects, to air and water emission – into consideration.  On top of this, we also balance the resource consumption with the goal to reduce the overall environmental impact of the textile industry”, says Mr. Detlef Fischer, VP of bluesign technologies ag.

Jason Chen, general manager of Singtex states “Our ultimate goal is to produce environmentally-friendly, comfortable, and functional fabrics, using energy-saving and sustainable practices. In turn, this will benefit our suppliers, brand partners, and the end-consumer.”

“Our partnership with bluesign is the best way to celebrate Earth Day.” adds Mike Costa, North American sales director for Singtex.  “The incorporation of the standards with the new manufacturing facility makes our sustainable practices completely seamless.”