Overall snow sports sales for the 2010/2011 snow sports season through October were up 1% in dollars but slipped 5% in units sold, according to a recent report from Snowsports Industries America. Apparel sales were down 6% in dollars and units due to “continuing economic concerns, difficulty shipping goods from production facilities in China and warmer weather through October,” according to SIA.

The report also identified several trends that have transpired thus far in the ski season, including growing interest in women’s specific ski systems, which were up 27% through October; growth in Alpine equipment sales, which are at a 10-year high for units and dollars; a 32% increase in goggles sales; and weakness in insulated apparel, which slipped 5% amidst warmer weather.

By region, sales in Specialty stores were up 21% in the West and up 3% in the South while the Northeast and Midwest slipped 8% and 10%, respectively.

Overall snow sports specialty sales were $284 million, down 2% in units but up 3% in dollars.

Within Specialty outlets, alpine ski equipment sales jumped 20% during the pre season while Adult twin tip ski sales surged 45%. Snowboard equipment sales slipped 4% in unit sales but recorded higher ASPs due to a decrease in carryover equipment. Cross country equipment sales were up 18% while apparel sales slipped 7.5% due to warm temperatures and a weak spending environment. Accessory sales varied, with “stellar” results form goggles and backcountry and “sharp decreases” in gloves and hats.

For Internet sales, overall revenues slipped 1% to $162 million despite a 9% improvement in equipment sales.  Apparel sales via the internet were down 6% while accessory sales were up 3% in strength from goggles, auto racks and backcountry accessories including shovels, beacons and probes.

For Chain stores, sales were down 5% to $76 million due to weakness from equipment, apparel and accessories. Fewer than 7% of skis, 15% of snowboards and 3% of cross country skis were reportedly sold in chain stores through October.