Buzz around the All-In-One Sleep System prototype by Swiss start-up Polarmond has swarmed the outdoor media. However, lauded as “revolutionary” for outdoor camping, the All-In-One is still somewhat shrouded in mystery. The concept behind the design is to unite the functions of a tent, sleeping bag and pad into a single temperature-regulated product.

One of the masterminds making this potentially industry-altering shelter a reality. Walter Krummenacher, CEO, co-founder and co-developer at Polarmond, helps clear the air on some of the questions that weren’t being answered.

By Jahla Seppanen

Polarmond Co-Founders Walter Krummenacher and Marcel Schubiger

Polarmond Co-founders Walter Krummenacher and Marcel Schubiger

What Was The Inspiration And Creation Process Of The All-In-One? Before I started this big Polarmond project in September 2010, I was working as a product manager for valves and actuators. The company I worked with was very successful, but the products didn’t fascinate me. I thought about how to improve my satisfaction and came to the conclusion: to design products for refugees and the homeless. My goal was to protect them from the cold or freezing to death. As you know there are thousands of ways to design a shelter, so first I had to define the five most important overall specifications of this high-tech shelter: self-warming tent, 100-percent fresh air supply, air suspended sleeping comfort, low in weight and no heat accumulation.

Did That Take Long To Define? It took me two and a half month (working on evenings and weekends) to invent the basic concept. Then I had to prove to myself the physical warm-up of the shelter, theoretically and with functional samples. After analyzing how it worked, it was clear that I needed to start first in the Outdoor segment.


What Were The Odds It Would Take Off In Outdoor? Since July 2012, when I was analyzing the awarded products at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen, I was quite sure that we could revolutionize outdoor equipment like tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads, because we created a new philosophy of how to sleep outdoors in the future. A couple months ago we got the official patent for the U.S. market, Europe and soon also for China.

Some Outdoorists Have Questioned The Weight And Carryability Of The System. How Is The System Classified As Ultra-Light And How Does It Pack Down? We are still in the prototype phase, so we don’t want to communicate those packing sizes just yet, but keep in mind that we position our products at -22°F comfort temperature.

Photo courtesy of Polarmond

Photo courtesy of Polarmond

Will Polarmond Branch Out To Other Outdoor Products? Right now Polarmond has the patented All-In-One sleep system, but we also have three big projects with patent pending status. We expect these three projects to have a significant influence on traditional sleeping bags and sleeping pads.

You Said The Shelter Was Created To Help Refugees And The Homeless. How Will You Get All-In-One To These People In Need? Our long-term vision is to design products for refugees and the homeless. But first we have to generate turnover/profit to finance those projects/products. Aid organizations and towns will buy our products and distribute them to those in need.

Where Is The System Designed And Manufactured? Designed in Switzerland with our CTI partners, and manufacturing will depend on the assembly group, in Ireland, Poland and Taiwan.

Lastly, If You Could Take The Shelter Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Camp? Somewhere I can see the fascinating Aurora Borealis polar lights.

Top photo courtesy of Polarmond