TeamSnap, the provider of sports management technology, released new data that shows an estimated 70 percent of U.S. youth and recreational team sports activities have returned or are set to return in the coming month.

Real-time data and the latest trends are available to the sports community via TeamSnap’s Return to Sports interactive national heat map.

The live heat map provides inside insights on how sports organizations, coaches and managers are establishing teams and scheduling events (practices, games and tournaments). Developed by TeamSnap’s in-house data scientists, the Return to Sport Index is derived from a mix of anonymized user data along with national projections from partnering sports organizations. The data will be frequently analyzed and presented as a percentage to provide state-by-state and sport-by-sport trends across the U.S. compared to the same 28-day period in 2019.

As the world recovers from the COVID-19 shutdown, this is the first real-time data to actively track the return of community sports activities across the country. The Return to Sports site will be updated weekly throughout the year to help organizations ensure a safe return to play. It will include tracking the impact of any new outbreaks of COVID- 19.

“Millions of teams and sports organizations use TeamSnap to communicate with their participants and families and to manage critical activities such as registration and scheduling. The Return to Sports platform delivers unique insights about the return of team sports across the country,” said Dave DuPont, CEO, and founder of TeamSnap. “There are many factors that determine when organizations should resume sports activities. Our Index enables sports organizations, coaches, players, and parents to understand how others across the country are managing a safe return to play.”

Key Findings

  • Baseball is the top-ranked team sport with a 96 percent Index;
  • Indoor sports show the lowest Return to Sport Index, with Basketball at 42 percent and Hockey at 52 percent;
  • The Return ranking by sport is Baseball, 96.2 percent; Softball 94.5 percent; Volleyball, 87.4 percent; Soccer, 70.2 percent; Football, 68.4 percent; Lacrosse, 64.0 percent; Ice Hockey, 52.3 percent; and Basketball, 41.9 percent;
  • Overall, Midwest, Central and Mountain states generally have a higher Return to Sport Index than coastal states; and
  • Twenty different states show a 100 percent Return to Sport Index (this can include a mix of traditional summer sports along with winter/spring sports that have been postponed or rescheduled).

States with the lowest Return to Sport Index include:

  • Oregon – 28 percent
  • Hawaii – 29 percent
  • New Jersey – 30 percent
  • Washington – 35 percent
  • California – 37 percent

The interactive site will also include a number of supporting resources and tools from the Aspen Institute Project Play, Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the PLAY Sports Coalition. Sports organizations, teams, athletes and families can use the site to share local information, insights and personal reflections on their own return to sport. Updates are available here.

TeamSnap said over 22 million coaches, administrators, players and parents use TeamSnap’s tools for communication, scheduling, payment collection, and registration.