Just two years after taking over its U.S. operations, SCARPA North America is taking its fulfillment operations in-house and consolidating its warehouse, shipping/receiving facilities and warranty/repair division at it new headquarters located in Boulder, CO. The new facility will be up and running by the first of the year. The company now contracts with a third-party warehouse to ship, receive and store its products.

SCARPA North America CEO Kim Miller said the move reflects continued growth at the company, which took its U.S. business in-house in 2005. “What we see going on in our business is completely antithetical to what we see in the world outside,” Miller told BOSS in an exclusive interview. “We anticipate we will end this quarter right on plan from a sales point of view.”

Miller said the new facility provides SCARPA with big competitive advantages, not the least of which is the ability to turn orders and repairs much more quickly. While noting that SCARPA might not plan such a move in today’s environment, he said he is glad the company has made the investment. “Sometimes you have to accelerate into the turn,” he said, adding that the company’s outlook in recent months has gone from “very optimistic” to “cautiously optimistic.”