Respect Your Universe, Inc., the mixed-martial arts brand based in Las Vegas, appointed David Campisi, former head of The Sports Authority, as its chairman and CEO. Former CEO Christopher Martens, a former Nike executive, resigned on August 13.

Joining the RYU board in March 2012, Campisi was the former chairman, president and CEO of The Sports Authority from 2004-2011 and brings more than 30 years of experience in the retail industry for soft and hard goods, as well as specialty and mass production, to RYU.

During his time as CEO at TSA, Campisi was responsible for implementing new strategic imperatives, bringing $100 million in e-Commerce business in-house, negotiating long-term multi-million dollar deals to acquire naming rights for the Bronco's stadium in Denver, and establishing two major foundations for the Sports Authority, including the “Sports Authority Foundation” and “Pass the Good Foundation.”

Prior to joining RYU, Campisi also served as the EVP at Kohl's as GMM women's apparel, accessories, intimates and cosmetics, and also help merchant positions at Fred Meyer and Meier & Frank.

“With his extensive expertise, experience and knowledge in the retail industry, he will help further accelerate and execute the growth of RYU in the direction we are quickly moving in,” said Kristian Andresen, previously residing Chairman of RYU.

“I'm very excited about joining RYU, there's something very special happening here,” said Campisi. “The premium high quality training product, with a great story, and has an edge that's different from all the players in the space. I look forward to working with the team at RYU, and making a significant contribution on building our business together.”