In a letter to the National Governors Association this week, RILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association) asked governors to require face masks when in public or while shopping. Fewer than half of U.S. states require masks in public places, according to the RILA.

RILA contends a wide range of rules across the country have created confusion for shoppers and is leading to conflict between customers and workers.

The letter, from RILA President Brian Dodge, was addressed to National Governor’s Association Chair Lawrence Hogan (MD) and Vice Chair Andrew Cuomo (NY), asking them to push for specific and consistent mask mandates.

“The patchwork of local mandates many retailers faced earlier this year made it incredibly difficult to focus on implementing the right safety protocols,” said the letter. “While well-intended at the time, conflicts stemming from local law enforcement agencies applying their own interpretations of conflicting state and local mandates forced retailers to shift valuable time and resources away from store operations. We strongly urge governors to continue issuing concise, statewide orders that create clarity for all businesses, local governments and law enforcement. Conflicting orders and guidelines from counties and municipalities create confusion for employees and customers, and ultimately leads to conflict.”