Rapala has launched its first ecommerce site, rapala.com, to enable consumers to shop a wide selection of lure, knife and other fishing brands on a single website. 

The site, which was developed on the Demandware Commerce platform currently carries 10 Rapala fishing brands, all sharing a single shopping cart.

The Finnish company sells lures, knives, tools and accessories to fishermen in more than 140 countries worldwide. But until now, only a limited selection of the most common Rapala items could be found via online retailers.

By providing Rapala with the capabilities to create a central site for all of its brands, Demandware is enabling the company to deliver a mall-like shopping experience that maximizes order size. Rather than visiting separate brand sites to purchase different items, fishing enthusiasts can now easily browse and shop for all their fishing equipment across brands from one easy-to-navigate site; add items to their online “Tackle Box;” and then conveniently check out from one central shopping cart.

“We are excited to launch our first online store in the U.S. which provides a virtual destination where fishing enthusiasts can easily and efficiently shop across all of our brands,” said Naomi Dwyer, vice president of IT at Rapala.