PrimaLoft and Gore Military Fabrics have joined forces to provide a new lightweight loft garment for the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). This unique partnership between two of the outdoor industry’s leading component suppliers has resulted in an innovative layering garment called the Lightweight Loft jacket.

The jacket has been adopted as level 3B of the PCU (Protective Combat Unit) Layering System, specifically engineered for the U.S. Special Operations Forces to provide a broad level of environmental protection while withstanding the harshest weather environments.

Designed by Patagonia, the Lightweight Loft jacket is a combination of PrimaLoft Fusion insulation combined with a Gore 2-layer Fastpack membrane laminate. Developed as a comfortable soft-shell, it is also durably water-resistant, windproof, easily packable and dries quickly. The Lightweight Loft garment is ideal for layering and works within the PCU  System used by the Special Operations Forces. In addition, the garment has been printed in several camouflage patterns (some of which include n-IR signature reduction).

“We are very pleased to partner with Gore Military Fabrics on the launch of this highly anticipated lightweight loft garment,” stated Michael Joyce, president and chief executive officer of PrimaLoft, Inc. “The Special Operations Forces (SOF) community has worn PrimaLoft in the field for the last decade and it continues to be the insulation gear of choice worn by the entire U.S. Military. By combining our proprietary technology with Gore Military Fabrics, we are able to offer a distinctive advantage to the U.S. Military to keep our troops warm, dry and comfortable while in the field.”

“Gore has played a pivotal role in providing durably waterproof, windproof, and breathable products to the U.S. military,” says Tim Quinn, Product Specialist at Gore. “We are excited to co-develop a cutting-edge solution with PrimaLoft that offers enhanced comfort, versatility, and improved weather protection. Gore will continue to support improving the mission effectiveness of our warfighters by engineering a broad range of protective fabric technologies that offer distinct capabilities, such as advanced weather protection, flame resistance, and signature reduction.”

Over one million sets of PrimaLoft insulated jackets and trousers have been issued to U.S. troops by the Department of Defense over the last several years, and it is the premier insulation to all branches of the U.S. Military. Gore-TEX fabric continues to be a premiere material choice used in the design and construction of various garments, footwear, and gloves currently issued by the Department of Defense.