Kora, the performance apparel manufacturer using yak wool and known for creating fabrics, introduces the evolution of its apparel range with Kora Bamboo, a collection of everyday pieces designed for comfort, stretch, and unrestricted movement.

The result of rigorous research and product development, the eco-friendly fabric uses Forest Stewardship Council (FCS)-certified bamboo (90 percent) as the foundation, with added spandex (10 percent) for stretch. 

Kora Bamboo is a midweight breathable fabric that naturally wicks moisture and can transition between activities and climates, offering a second skin feel during motion. For people with sensitive skin, bamboo is a plant-based alternative to wool.

“After many months of work, we’re so excited to be introducing Kora Bamboo, which builds on our decades-long foundation of expertise in developing technical layers with Yak wool, Merino and other natural fibers,” said Kora founder Michael Kleinwort. “Bamboo offers performance and sustainability, both core principles of the brand and how we develop our apparel and accessories, and this expands our offerings to include a plant-based alternative to wool. Additionally, by offering a new range of sustainable, stylish and versatile apparel to wear throughout the year, we can continue our mission to support the people and the environment of the Himalayas, specifically the Tibetan nomad communities with whom we have developed a strong bond with over the past decade.”

With FSC certification, Kora ensures that the bamboo used in the collection comes from responsibly managed plantations, promoting forest conservation and the well-being of local communities. The bamboo layers undergo rigorous testing to confirm their UV protective properties, offering enhanced sun protection.

Kora’s Bamboo collection includes apparel for men and women and will be available SS23 in two capsules. The first capsule is available at koraoutdoor.com and includes a women’s long-sleeve top and leggings and men’s shorts and long-sleeve top and legging in Deep Purple, Cerise Red, Earth Green, Earth Blue, Ecru and Soft Black. 

Photo courtesy Kora