Skratch Labs released a new Hydration Sport Drink Mix, formerly Sport Hydration Drink Mix, flavor, Raspberry Limeade with caffeine. The brand is building on its hydration line by offering an option with 50mg of caffeine per serving. The flavor is available in 440g bags, 22g singles and a 20-pack caddy of singles.

“We heard from athletes they sometimes wanted an extra boost of energy during their longest and hardest workouts,” said Dr. Allen Lim, founder, Skratch Labs. “Incorporating caffeine that comes from real food—coffeeberry—adds a subtle kick to this refreshing new flavor made with real limes and real raspberries. Like all our Hydration Sports Drink Mixes, Raspberry Limeade uses the same ratio of sugar and salt specifically designed to replace what you lose when you sweat.”

Hydration Sport Drink Mix was created to replace the water and electrolytes lost in sweat. The electrolyte profile is 750-to-800mg of sodium per liter. The formula hydrates faster than water alone and won’t upset the stomach.

Photo courtesy Skratch Labs