Skida, the Vermont-based accessories brand, is proud to announce their all-new Running Cap, which brings their signature prints and distinctive color palettes to a warm weather training staple. 

Inspired by customers and athletes looking for a more technical headwear option for summer adventures, the new Running Cap compliments Skida’s existing line of sporty headbands by adding brimmed protection and a secure, adjustable fit. 

This breathable and packable Running Cap is lightweight and provides UPV 50+ protection for those days when the sun’s rays are unrelenting. A moisture-wicking brim offers superior ventilation for the most intense workouts and a sleek design provides a snug fit without compromising on style. 

The Running Cap is ideal for both seasoned runners and weekend warriors looking to stay comfortable all day long and in a variety of conditions. The soft and crushable polyester material flanked on the sides by stretch mesh makes the cap easy to stow in fanny packs, running vests, or a back pocket, and an adjustable strap allows the one-size-fits-all cap to be personalized for a variety of head shapes. A ‘secret garage’ keeps the straps tucked away out of sight for a streamlined look. 

“We heard from our customers and athletes who were seeking a brimmed cap made with technical fabrics, breathable mesh and an adjustable fit for their hotter, higher-intensity summer outings,” explains Skida founder Corinne Prevot. “Expanding our product line in this way allows us to meet the needs of our endurance-oriented customers while still delivering Skida’s fresh perspective and signature, limited-edition patterns. It’s an exciting evolution for us.” 

The Running Cap is available in three patterns—Mulberry, Battenkill and Honeydew—for summer 2024 and retails for $48. To find the Running Cap online, visit