Theft, wardrobing, shoplifting, receipt fraud, price switching, cross-retail returns, inventory control, product returns, shrinkage and brand protection have physical and e-commerce retailers hungering for answers to protect their bottom line profits.  Kenco Label & Tag Co., LLC and Primera Technology Inc., two of the leading names in labeling, have developed perhaps the most cost-effective, simple in application, practical, and ingenious solution to these loss prevention challenges ever devised.  It will be showcased for the first time at NRF Protect 2019, June 12-13 in Anaheim, California.

The new Kenco-LP tag is a highly cost-effective, tamper-proof, versatile, easy-to-implement security device that eliminates virtually every opportunity for abuse or deception. When combined with the Primera color label printer specially engineered for this technology, the resulting system promises to solve a significant portion of the retail shrinkage problem—a situation costing global retailers nearly $100 billion every year, as determined by the 2018 Sensormatic Global Shrinkage Index.

“Despite the huge impact of fraud and theft, no security device has yet been able to introduce a loss protection alternative that combines a very low cost, ease of implementation, high versatility, with strong protection,” noted Ken Karan, Kenco’s CEO. “Kenco’s patented Kenco-LP tag system meets these criteria. It’s an intelligent, innovative answer, not only to theft and fraud, but also addresses inventory and product tracking; and is geared toward protecting retailer’s hard-earned profits.”

The Kenco-LP tag system supports a host of retail needs. Each tag is printed in full-color with a unique serial number and security features that are embedded and locked into the device. The tag is then attached using a patented method that makes the tag completely tamper-proof and non-transferable. Print software captures data points and starts the audit trail, allowing businesses to keep track of items every step of the way.

The tag attaches to the garment easily and quickly, without damaging the item. At every stage from manufacturer to consumer, the tag’s identifier can be used to track a wealth of detailed historical data. The tag itself verifies the authenticity of product and purchase. If it’s altered, tampered with or removed, the garment cannot be returned—a perfect solution to combat wardrobing, price switching, cross-retailer returns and more.

Tags can be produced in any size or shape and can be read by existing POS systems, software, and smartphones with little to no training required.

“The potential for the Kenco-LP/Primera system is significant. It’s a practical solution that is easily understood by retail employees and customers alike,” said Mark D. Strobel, vice president, sales and marketing, Primera Technology. “Considering the immense impact of fraudulent returns, tampering, theft and logistics losses, this system is perhaps the most effective yet low-cost remedy ever introduced.”

The Kenco-LP tag will be showcased during NRF Protect 2019 at the Primera Technology/Kenco Label exhibit, Booth 327. Visitors will each receive a sample garment with attached Kenco-LP tag. To learn more about the system, visit or

About Primera: Headquartered in Plymouth, MN, Primera Technology, Inc. is one of the world’s leading specialty printer manufacturers. Its products are sold worldwide through Primera Authorized Resellers and Distributors in more than 200 countries and territories. Contact Primera Technology, Inc. by phone at 763.475.6676, by email at or online at

About Kenco Label & Tag: Founded 38 years ago, Kenco is an advanced label and tag manufacturer located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company sets itself apart by constantly innovating through its focus on research and development and offering a large variety of inkjet, thermal, laser and other custom printed labels for retail, manufacturing and the business community. In addition to state-of-the-art custom printing, the company stocks over 50,000 unique labeling and tagging items for immediate shipment, including the largest selection of stock labels and tags in the United States that can be purchased online or initiated via phone. For more, go to