Oru Kayak celebrates the upcoming 2021 paddling season by announcing upgrades to its line of packable kayaks. Enhancements in the user experience and improved durability helps convey Oru’s growth and dedication to elevating the on-water experience. 

Oru’s Inlet Kayak, released in 2020 — a 20lb kayak assembled from box to boat in under three minutes — marked a milestone in the brand’s origami-inspired boat design. Applying the knowledge Oru gained from Inlet’s creation, it identified how to improve the user experience across its collection in 2021, from its flagship Bay ST to the first tandem folding kayak, the Haven. 

Commenting on the impact of the Inlet on its 2021 fleet updates, Anton Willis, founder and chief design officer said, “We designed the Inlet to be super accessible and easy to use. When it came time to update the rest of our product line, we took those lessons to heart.” 

Except for the newly released Inlet, Oru Kayaks have enhanced floorboards with increased rigidity for improved on-water tracking and performance. Oru also eliminated the need for first-time users to carry physical assembly instructions. QR codes are printed on each boat that, once scanned using a mobile phone, redirects the user to an online manual with video demonstrations. Beefier footrests increase comfort and durability, and new screen prints on each boat reflect a more refined aesthetic. 

The Haven, a foldable kayak, can be configured for single or tandem paddling, and the Beach LT, a stable 12′ cruiser with a spacious cockpit, was modified based on user feedback. Willis added, “We’re always listening to our customers and seeking ways to improve our products. This has been true from the beginning.”

A redesigned seat assembly in the Beach LT offers more comfort for longer paddles, and a new tension strap system shaves overall weight and increases durability by replacing an original tension rod. The tension rod used in the Haven’s assembly was replaced with a stabilizing cross bar compatible with universal track accessories such as fishing kits, cup holders and photo mounts. The Haven incorporates buckles instead of G hooks, making assembly quick and precise. 

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