LifeStraw launched its large capacity Peak Series 8L Gravity Water Filter Systems, designed for extended use in the outdoors and backcountry. Products include the Peak 8L Gravity Water Filter System and Peak 8L + 8L Water Filter System with Safe Water Storage.

The Peak 8L Gravity Filter can be used independently or with the 8L Safe Water Storage bag doubling the capacity of the system to 16L. The 8L design can function as a leakproof dromedary storage bag and a water filter system capable of filtering 8 liters removing bacteria, parasites and microplastics from water in under ten minutes. The system hangs from a tree or RV for quick hydration at basecamp and easy carrying options require only one person to carry water for a crew.

“With over three years of development, this is the most versatile and robust outdoor system LifeStraw has ever made for reliable access to safe water in the backcountry,” said Alison Hill, CEO, LifeStraw.

Photo courtesy LifeStraw