LEKI said it would unveil a “fresh new look for the first time in 33 years in conjunction with a complete overhaul of its trekking and trail running pole collections in spring 2022.” The relaunch will also feature a new logo, an updated website.

“We’re making way for the future of LEKI with these changes,” said Greg Wozer, VP, LEKI USA. “The new branding move and technology upgrades will help modernize LEKI’s brand image and product features while keeping the company true to its heritage.”

LEKI’s Owner and CEO, Waltraud Lenhart, oversaw the effort until her passing in April.

The new logo features a modern font, while the red and yellow underscore pays tribute to “the heritage of LEKI with the iconic colors that have been visible on LEKI ski racing poles for three decades.”

Three new core technologies will accompany its new brand identity in summer 2022 with the Aergon Air grip for trekking, Trail Shark grip and strap system developed for trail running and its FX patented folding exchangeable pole replacement system, which allows customers to replace shaft sections.

Retailers are seeing these changes now through sales rep presentations and samples. Consumers will see the new branding and website redesign in early 2022 with the launch of the company’s spring/summer trekking and trail running pole lines.

Winter 2022/23 will be the first time the relaunch will be visible on its winter collection.

Logo courtesy Leki