CEP Compression announced the launch of its Outdoor Collection featuring the Hiking Merino and Light Merino socks. Engineered and tested by hikers worldwide, the socks are “designed to help outdoor enthusiasts step into their next adventure with feet that will stay dry, comfortable and injury-free,” said CEP.

“Any hiker will tell you that socks are one of the most important yet sometimes overlooked pieces of equipment,” said Jared Finney, head of sales, CEP Compression. “We developed our Outdoor Collection to push the limits of innovation knowing the importance of footwear, combining years of research and development in graduated compression with the latest technology advancements to ensure that hikers don’t have to settle when they step out into the great outdoors.”

CEP’s Hiking Merino and Light Merino socks are engineered to provide targeted compression to improve circulation and blood flow where it’s needed the most. “The technology benefits the hiker’s body by preventing shin splints, cramps and fatigue while also helping reduce swelling and inflammation during long treks. Each product is also equipped with unique breathable padding, moisture-wicking properties and joint stabilizing technology that helps hikers stay comfortable,” said the brand.

“Blisters and hot spots can make it unbearable for hikers to keep trekking along, especially on rugged terrain,” added Finney. “With CEP’s targeted technologies, hikers can maneuver more confidently over rocks, sand, dirt, and water. Combined with the brand’s reputation rooted in medical-grade quality compression, the socks are a great resource for hikers to have in their arsenal to stay stable and strong as they explore the outdoors.”

CEP’s Outdoor Collection includes Hiking Merino and Light Merino socks available in tall, mid-cut and low-cut options. For more product information, go here.