Power Balance, the maker of the bracelets designed to improve balance and agility, defended itself against claims that its product are ineffective. The comments stem from “negative press” in Australia, following by a class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. based on those claims.

A press release including a letter from Keith Kato, President
of Power Balance, based in Laguna Niguel, CA, reads:

“Power Balance stands by our products,” said Keith
Kato, President of Power Balance, LLC. “Millions of people around the
globe are wearing Power Balance products and are thrilled with the results.
Dozens of high profile professional athletes swear by the results they've
experienced from wearing our products.” CNBC recently named Power Balance
as the “Sports Product of the Year for 2010.” Our bracelet was also
one of Amazon's 'Top 5 Best Sellers' during the recent holiday shopping season.
We are the clear leader in the market for performance technology accessories
and we owe it all to our customers who wear and believe in the product.”

That said, there has been some negative press about
our products coming out of Australia recently, followed by a class action law
suit filed here in the US based on those misstatements, and we wanted to set
the record straight.”

Contrary to recent assertions in the Australian press,
Power Balance has made no claims that our product is ineffective. This is
simply untrue. The truth is that, apparently, some previous marketing claims
and ads in Australia were not up to ACCC standards. Changes were voluntarily made
immediately, approved and the issues were believed to have been resolved. We
were obviously surprised to see the recent press coming out of Australia
followed by a class action lawsuit here in the United States.”

The mission of Power Balance has always been to
develop and deliver quality products that enhance people's lives. Our products
are based on the idea of optimizing the body's natural energy flow, similar to
concepts behind many holistic and Eastern philosophies. Frankly, we know there
will always be critics of new technologies, but our products are used by those
with open minds who experience real results. Our company is absolutely
committed to further evaluating the technology behind its products' performance
so that we can continue to offer products that enhance people's lifestyle.”

Power Balance believes and wants users to believe that we
will do whatever it takes to appropriately, and with honor and integrity, make
our products available to every consumer around the world.”