Polartec, LLC donated $10,000 and 1,200 custom zip-neck tops made from Polartec Classic 100 fleece to Big City Mountaineers (BCM).
The $10,000 will help fund BCM's programs, which are designed to transform the lives of under-resourced urban youth through wilderness mentoring expeditions that instill critical life skills. The 1,200 custom BCM Polartec tops will help keep each youth and volunteer warm and comfortable on every BCM trip this summer.
“Youth participation in outdoor activity is very important to us, and by supporting an organization like BCM we are able to provide thousands of kids with the opportunity to get outside in meaningful ways,” says Allon Cohne, Polartec's global director of marketing. “We designed the fleeces to be a useful piece of clothing for the kids – something they can hang onto and return to the outdoors with.”
“Polartec demonstrates tremendous leadership, community stewardship and commitment to getting youth outdoors in supporting under-served youth through BCM's wilderness mentoring experiences,” says Lisa Mattis, BCM executive director. “We love putting Polartec gear on our kids this summer, allowing kids who have never gone beyond the confines of the neighborhood to experience the great outdoors safely and comfortably. All our thanks to the entire team at Polartec.”