At the 2006 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market industry breakfast, Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface Inc., challenged members of the outdoor industry to take steps to reduce their impact on the environment. One year later, Outdoor Industry Association is taking that challenge seriously. Launched on January 2, 2007, the Green Travel Challenge is designed to offset at least 10% of CO2 emissions from travel to and from Outdoor Retailer during Winter Market. Frank Hugelmeyer, OIA president said, “We want to raise awareness across the industry to demonstrate that it is easy, affordable and important for all business to begin making small steps and our industry collectively to start walking the talk.”

Using an example of 14,000 attendees based on past Winter Market attendance, Hugelmeyer reported, “If we are able to get 10% of the attendees offset we would prevent an estimated 1,882 tons of CO2 emissions. That’s the equivalent of removing 376 midsize vehicles from the road per year.”

OIA will monitor the number of attendees purchasing CO2 offsets and publish a report at the end of Winter Market. “We’re excited about this because we truly believe we can make a significant impact and that we can accelerate the alternative fuel options in the United States,” offered Hugelmeyer.

Outdoor Retailer will offer presentations and seminars during Winter Market to help business owners understand and develop green business practices. Here’s how it works:

1. Visit to calculate how much CO2 you and your company produce during travel to and from Outdoor Retailer. Purchase your offsets directly online at this site, or buy them onsite at OIA booth 5600 during Outdoor Retailer.

2. Pick up your Carbon Neutral Traveler sticker at OIA booth 5600 during OR. You’ll also be able to speak with someone about the benefits of emissions offsets and other carbon reduction strategies for you and your business.

3. Wear your Carbon Neutral Traveler sticker to the GoLite “Lite My Fire” Party on Day Two of Outdoor Retailer, Sunday, January 28, from 4pm – 6pm at GoLite’s Booth #23001 and #24011. The party will celebrate our industry’s efforts to “GoLite on the Planet” by reducing our environmental impacts and GoLite will donate their DriMove recycled polyester performance layers made with eco-friendly CoCoNa as well as GoLite’s new trail running footwear to the first 500 carbon neutral travel party-goers.