Bob Humphrey, the second-generation former owner of Schutt Sports, Inc., manufacturer of football helmets and faceguards, died Wednesday, January 24, 2008. He was 76. Mr. Humphrey was the son of Del Humphrey, who purchased Schutt Manufacturing Company in 1962.

Bob Humphrey took over Schutt Manufacturing Company in 1969 and steered the company through two building projects, as well as many industry innovations, including the making of the first football “Injury Special” faceguard and the introduction of colored faceguards for football helmets. When Bob Humphrey first joined the company, 15 people were employed; today the company has more than 400. Bob Humphrey is the holder of several patents on faceguard design, as well as other athletic equipment. In 1986, Bob Humphrey sold Schutt Sports to his daughter Julie, who had joined the company in 1982 and still serves as the company¬ís chairman.