USA Field Hockey and NormaTec Recovery Systems have announced a partnership that will bring NormaTec’s high-tech recovery equipment to the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams’ training facilities and also for on-the-road recovery needs as they travel to compete internationally.

“The NormaTec Recovery Systems are an integral component to our athletes’ recovery,” said Nick Shedd, U.S. Women’s National Team’s strength and conditioning coach. “Our program is very physically demanding and our recovery time is at a premium. Our players love using the NormaTec Systems because they provide a versatile solution that they can use at home, at the facility, or on the road to speed up the recovery process and maintain soft tissue quality.”

The partnership will bring NormaTec PULSE PRO Recovery Systems to both the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams’ training facilities where they will be used for rehab and recovery. The teams will also have units to travel with for away matches, allowing the players the same access to NormaTec’ recovery for on-the-road games as they have at home. Both teams have rigorous international schedules including the upcoming 2017 Pan American Cups in Lancaster, Pa. in August.

NormaTec Recovery Systems use a patented compression technology which employs bio-mimicry to mobilize fluid and massage the limbs for rapid recovery.

“NormaTec is excited to partner with the USA Field Hockey’s national teams,” said Gilad Jacobs, NormaTec CEO. “Both the men’s and women’s teams are looking at a very competitive season representing the United States internationally, and we are honored to have our technology help them perform at Olympic levels.”

NormaTec will debut trials of compression boots in their vendor booth for attendees at USA Field Hockey’s national events including Disney Field Hockey Showcase, National Indoor Tournament, National Futures Championship, and National Hockey Festival.

Photo courtesy NormaTec